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We started to transform toward Open Science together with NASA: 10 points!

How did we get here? What does it represent? How will we work? What reach and impact do we expect? Let us tell you more in these 10 points

How in-class assessments can improve learning

Studies on the use of formative assessments with university students consistently show improvements in performance.

Communities of Practice and Their Influence on the Dissemination of Open Science in Latin America

In this post we discuss what is the role of communities of practice in the dissemination and implementation of Open Science practices in general, and specifically, in the Latin American region.

Some How-Tos for Building and Supporting Open Source Science Communities in Africa and Latin America

In this post we focus on short-, medium- and long-term actions that funders, researchers, and others can take to remove some of the barriers to participation, based on the contributions of the panelists and moderators of the Fireside Chat developed at the CZI Open Science 2022 Annual Meeting.

2022 Report. A Year of Changes and Growth.

2022 was a very special year for the MetaDocencia community 🍎. After two years of growing by fostering education in virtual environments, we consolidated that experience and became stronger to face new challenges to come 🚀.

Advances of MetaDocencia's new governance

We will soon communicate and share with other communities the organizational model we are thinking for MetaDocencia.

What do we gain from a virtual meeting: content or experience?

We analyze the responses to the end-of-course surveys through a word cloud.

Open Source and Open Science in Latin America

A conversation on growing global communities with local roots

Open grant narrative: A Collaborative Interactive Computing Service Model for Global Communities

We recently submitted a grant to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and wish to share some details about it as well as the grant narrative for others to read and re-use.

MetaDocencia collaboratively builds its governance

Between July and October 2022 we host 8 events with the goal of contributing to the collaborative design of our governance