Our vision

We are an inclusive and collaborative community that improves education by empowering instructors from underserved countries.

Our mission

We are a non-profit organization that nurtures a community of Spanish-speaking educators by teaching concrete, evidence-based, and student-centered educational methods. We collaboratively develop open, reusable, and accessible resources to foster effective training practices.

What we offer

We aim to share practical tools to help teachers to improve their classes. We teach online synchronous workshops in Spanish. We designed these workshops with higher education teachers in mind, but instructors teaching outside of higher education and students who want to collaborate in classes can also participate.

Our virtual courses are short and centered in the design of materials and classroom management to maximise students’ learning without anyone getting exhausted.

All our courses are free and our materials are openly licensed. That is, you can reuse or edit any material, with the condition that you include a reference to this website in any material you generate by reusing our content.

Our courses help to improve the learning process both in in-person and online classes. We use modern evidence-based teaching techniques that improve educational outcomes.

In addition, we aim to create a cross-disciplinary knowledge-sharing teaching community. We know, and the evidence also supports, that better results are obtained when we teach together.

We will award certificates of attendance to each course in digital format to those who have participated in at least 80% of the course.

What we don’t offer

  • In-depth courses. Our courses are all introductory.
  • Theoretical contents. Our courses are 100% practical.

Which model do we follow

We are guided by these teaching principles:

  • Be kind: all else is details.
  • Remember that you are not your learner…
  • …that most people would rather fail than change…
  • …and that ninety percent of magic consists of knowing one extra thing.
  • Never teach alone.
  • Never hesitate to sacrifice truth for clarity.
  • Make every mistake a lesson.
  • Remember that no lesson survives the first contact with learners…
  • …that every lesson is too short for the teacher and too long for the learner…
  • …and that nobody will be excited about the lesson than you are.

We follow this code of conduct.

These principles arise from the experience of The Carpentries, which has been training teachers for two decades and are developed in the free book Teaching Tech Together.

Part of our course materials are based on RStudio Education materials.