Our vision

We work to make the production, communication, and application of scientific and technical knowledge equitable globally.

Our mission

To advance innovation with a local perspective that responsibly builds scientific and technical capacities through the co-creation of networks, learning spaces, and accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.

Our values


To work for and with other people, putting collective interests upfront any individual interest.


To act following these values, building and sustaining trust, through openness and transparency (with attention to privacy), and by being accountable for our actions.


To contribute to the progress of society through community and individual learnings.


To treat other folks with kindness, empathy and respect. We seek to understand each other and prioritize mental and physical health, to maintain a healthy and safe work environment.


To recognize our differences from other people and respectfully welcome all differences.


To open all doors for as many persons as possible, through universal accessibility to our resources and recognition for the work done.

Science and Research

To promote knowledge generation based on theory, reasoning, experience, and evidence.


To act responsibly and according to individual, collective, or regional criteria.


To adapt our actions to the different situations that may arise.

If you are interested in our governance, we suggest these links:

How We Are Organized

In light of the diversification and growth we experienced over the past year, at MetaDocencia we designed this concept map, a new organizational chart that institutionalizes our way of working. We did it with an efficient and versatile organizational structure in mind, capable of meeting the challenges ahead. This scheme allows us to identify levels of responsibility, while also aiming to be dynamic enough to promote collaborative work and foster commitment, trust, recognition, and growth opportunities for the people who make up MetaDocencia.

Description of the Diagram: On the left side, the Executive Team is depicted by two intersecting sets. The lower set represents the 'Project Management’, and the upper one represents the 'Chair of the Advisory Committee'. Above the Executive Team, you are going to find the Advisory Committee, drawn as a pentagon since it is composed of 5 members. The Advisory Committee and the Executive Team communicate through the Chair of the Advisory Committee. The cross-cutting areas of Infrastructure, Institutional, Impact Measurement, and Communication are represented as horizontal orange rectangles, while the pillars of Community, Training, and Contextualization are represented as vertical red rectangles, intersecting the areas. The work teams Administration and Payments (A&P), Sustainability, and People Management (PM) are represented as orange rectangles and are coordinated by the Institutional area. The Project Management oversees the Communication area (at the bottom and outermost) and the Impact Measurement area (just above Communication) and coordinates the Community pillar. The Chair of the Advisory Committee guides the Infrastructure and coordinates the Training and Contextualization pillars. Below the rectangle of Infrastructure, there is an orange square including Accessibility, a team that works on demand and is coordinated by the Infrastructure area. The intersection of the Executive Team is related to the Institutional area. The Community Guidelines encompasses the pillars, areas, the Executive Team, the Advisory Committee, and frames the entire organizational map of MetaDocencia.

Full document about MetaDocencia’s Concept Map published in Zenodo:

Accesibility Policy

See our accessibility policy in this link.