Transform to Open Science

Together with NASA, MetaDocencia invites Spanish-speaking communities to join 6-week online training cohorts.

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Our Vision

We work to make the production, communication, and application of scientific and technical knowledge equitable globally.


Our Mission

To advance innovation with a local perspective that responsibly builds scientific and technical capacities through the co-creation of networks, learning spaces, and accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.


Open Science Conversations Collective Reflections

In response to our community’s interest, in March 2024 we prepared a series of conversations to reflect on various topics related to Open Science. The aim was to collectively understand how we learn, apply, and what implications Open Science has for our region.

Contributing to the discussion on the decolonization of health research

This post seeks to summarize the collaboration with the QUEST Center for Responsible Research.

Creating Genuine Connections and Cultivating a Culture of Well-being in Team Events, Both In-Person and Virtual

At MetaDocencia we actively work to ensure that the management of work teams secures our well-being value. We seek to make well-being guide personnel management. In this post, we are going to share how we accomplish this.