In MetaDocencia, we work to ensure that the production, communication, and application of scientific and technical knowledge are globally equitable. Our mission is to build scientific and technical capabilities responsibly and with a local perspective, through the co-creation of networks, learning spaces, and accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.

Explore our ongoing projects and discover how we are working towards our mission and values.

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Accessible Open Science

Training of Spanish-speaking science and technical personnel in NASA TOPS.

Mapping of Open Science Communities, Organizations, and Events in Latin America

Collaborative Repository for Latin America gathering relevant and accessible information about events, funding opportunities, workshops, courses, communities, and organizations of open science in Spanish.


Project for contextualizing accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.

Catalyst project

Community cloud infrastructure service.

NASA TOPS ScienceCore:climaterisk

Development of educational content for the determination of climate risks using NASA’s terrestrial data cloud..

Polen project

Community paths to train representatives of MetaDocencia in different communities, networks, and events.

Hive of Friendly Communities

Collaborative development where we aim to showcase and link efforts to reaffirm, once again, that science is collective work.

Cohort Kit

Instructions and guidelines for using and adapting useful models and templates for the development of the structure and infrastructure of training cohorts in Open Science.

Collaborative design of our Governance

Process of collective and collaborative learning to develop a transparent model for strategic decision-making, designed from and for our cultural and regional context.