MetaDocencia Governance Meetings

Between July and October 2022 we will hold eight talks that aim to facilitate the development of collaborative governance. In these meetings we will speak with specialists in governance and leaders of organizations and projects in the fields of education and open knowledge. These sessions will help foment an organizational model for MetaDocencia, designed for and shaped by our cultural and regional context.

We invite you to join us and take part in the conversations, discussions, and reflections that will guide this learning process. Your participation will help us form our governance model and reach another milestone in our community-centered journey.

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All data will be handled confidentially and may only be published in an aggregated and anonymized fashion in reports on the scope of MetaDocencia.

Agenda of scheduled meetings:

Day/Time (UTC-3) Topic
Wed 20-07 - 17 a 18 MetaDocencia: How to Think Collaboratively About Our Governance
Wed 03-08 - 17 a 18 Beatriz Busaniche - Governance in Action: The Experience of Fundación Vía Libre
Wed 17-08 - 17 a 18 Fabrizio Scrollini - Governance and Open Data: The ILDA Experience
Wed 31-08 - 17 a 18 Malvika Sharan & Andrea Sánchez-Tapia - Community Governance: Intersectionality and Representation (in English with simultaneous interpreting)
Wed 14-09 - 17 a 18 Andrés Piazza - The Normative Aspects of Governance
Wed 28-09 - 17 a 18 Mayra Botta - Governance and Educational Innovation
Wed 12-10 - 17 a 18 Diego Pando - How to Govern in Complex, Flexible, and Changing Environments
Wed 26-10 - 17 a 18 MetaDocencia’s Governance in Progress