Contributing to the discussion on the decolonization of health research

This post seeks to summarize the collaboration with the QUEST Center for Responsible Research.

Tips for getting invited to write for an academic journal

In this post, we give you some tips to get noticed by editors eager to publish your ideas.

2023 Report

In this report, we would like to share data about all we have done in the past year, and highlight that it was possible due to the support, exchange, and collaboration of our entire community.

Generative AI poses ethical challenges to Open Science, a comment for Nature Human Behaviour

In this post, we present our latest academic publication, together with colleagues from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Open Science.

The team gets bigger!

In September, three people joined the team (yes, 3!) after an open call for a project coordinator.

Artificial Intelligence and Education: More Questions Than Answers [Updated]

We share many questions that we recommend you ask yourself when you see AI applied to Education.

Thinking Critically about Artificial Intelligence and Education [Updated]

We share some critical thoughts and ideas about the potential uses of AI in Education

We started to transform toward Open Science together with NASA: 10 points!

How did we get here? What does it represent? How will we work? What reach and impact do we expect? Let us tell you more in these 10 points

How in-class assessments can improve learning

Studies on the use of formative assessments with university students consistently show improvements in performance.

Communities of Practice and Their Influence on the Dissemination of Open Science in Latin America

In this post we discuss what is the role of communities of practice in the dissemination and implementation of Open Science practices in general, and specifically, in the Latin American region.