Teaching to teach between communities in Spanish

MetaDocencia host two Instructor training on-line and in Spanish for Latin American

2020 Report. Cheers to the great MetaDocencia community!

2020 is over. We came a long way and we tell you about it here.

Building capacities to teach data science in Latin America

The birth and growth of MetaDocencia in Latin America to nurture a community of Spanish speaking educators in 2020 and beyond.

Teaching online, smoothly

In this post Mauro Lepore tells us about his experience teaching a course using what he learned at MetaDocencia.

Our first month teaching to teach

We are one month old! We came a long way and we tell you about it here

Recognition to those who helped us take our first steps

The first days of MetaDocencia, since the initial idea until teaching our first workshop, would not have been possible without the support of organisations and people sharing open materials.