Emmanuel Iarussi

Emmanuel Iarussi

Advisory Committee


Emmanuel is an Assistant Researcher at the National Research Council in Argentina (CONICET) in the area of Computer Graphics and a member of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

He completed his postdoctoral studies at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria, where he worked on the development of new computational techniques for interactive digital modeling. His most recent research work focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence tools for the manipulation of 2D and 3D visual content.

Since 2022 he is an assistant professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, where he teaches undergraduate courses for the Bachelor in Digital Technology and graduate courses in the Master in Management + Analytics. Since 2023, he also teaches the course Deep Learning: Model Design and Application at the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Denver. In addition, he is a technology consultant in computational analysis and manipulation of images and 3D models at the biotechnology company Stämm.


  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Science Communication
  • Education


  • PhD. Computer Science, 2015

    Inria, France

  • Systems Engineer, 2012

    UNICEN, Argentina